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"I am now officially in the first class of board-certified micrographic dermatologic surgeons and having gone through this process with no idea of what to expect I am so thankful I found DermQBank.

I used the questions to test myself and troubleshoot the areas I was the weakest but honestly, it was the amazingly detailed answers that I feel helped me the most. There is a great deal of redundancy built into the program so by the time I was finished with all of the answers I not only felt better about taking the test, I felt as though I had stepped up my knowledge as a dermatologic surgeon. I highly recommend to anyone taking the Mohs test that MohsQBank should be one of the tools you use to prepare. I'm not usually the type of individual that writes reviews but I felt so strongly about the quality of this program that I asked them If I could provide testimony and not the other way around so please believe my sincerity."

"I just want to let your whole team know that I give your QBANK full credit for helping me prepare for the MDS exam. Even more amazing than the breadth and depth of the practice questions was the accuracy of subject matter that actually appeared on the exam; an enormous feat for a first time exam. My mohs partner at my office would say the exact same.

Cheers and congrats to you guys for an excellent service."

"I just wanted to thank you for all the work that went into the Mohsqbank questions and answers.  I successfully passed the Mohs board exam and this was my primary study tool.  I wish you all continued success.  Thank you."

"As I go through all these questions, it is apparent that 99% of them are very high-quality, well discussed and well explained."

"Just got through all of the questions except the cosmetic ones which numbered 1,513. It has taken me about a year and now it’s time to start my review. A special thank you to the editorial board for all the unbelievable work that they did to put this together. I also thank (user) above for reminding me in his comment on this question of the David Hawking's book “Power versus Force.” It also reminds me that my fear (which according to this book calibrates at a very low 100 on a scale of a thousand) forced me to go through this grueling process, but I have learned a lot and I am grateful. When it comes to “success” in passing a test such as this, the Mohs Q bank I believe is the best preparation for this certification that has been many years in the making, for a better or for worse. I actually believe that anybody that gets through the entire Mohs Q Bank should automatically be certified, why don’t you send that suggestion to the board., haha"

"This Mohs Q Bank is by far the most amazing comprehensive course that I could imagine and so well organized and presented. So thankful for the editors that pay attention to every detail in such an amazing way."

"The DermQBank questions were super helpful in studying for CORE exams. After going through them, I had significant improvement in my scores and more than doubled my percentile!”

-Peter (PGY4 derm resident)

"The question bank has been fantastic and my primary study tool for my upcoming board exam - it’s the equivalent of USMLEWorld in medical school. I’ve told the rest of my residency about Dermqbank. There is really no other question bank out there that is comprehensive for clinics and boards. Thank you for the great service."

I am studying for my Maintenance of Certification Exam (MOC) and I just downloaded your Dermatology Surgery CME and am refreshing and learning so much! Thank you again and excellent work! I only wish you all had been around 20 years ago when I took my initial exam!!! This site is amazing and again congratulations!

"DermQBank helped me pass my board certification exam! I tried some other question databases, and DermQBank was, by far, the most comprehensive and efficient one. I tell all of my Dermatology colleagues that they should use this board prep service!"

"By far the best Q-Bank available for dermatology. The editors respond to suggestions quickly and update their content to reflect the most up to date literature. After reviewing, our program director has offered to purchase this product for all our residents. Thank you for this great product!"

"I love your bank!"

"Having used many study resources from text books to other question banks, I have to say the DermQBank is a tremendous resource for the dermatology resident. It is very comprehensive with detailed explanations that help you learn the nuances of each topic. It was very useful for board review and overall learning! I would highly recommend it for boards studying!"

"So far this is the best qbank of all and would be totally helpful for first year residents! You guys did a great job. I've used the AAD, board vitals, DIR. Always in need of strong educational resources and this is the closest it comes to the UWorld! Great work"

"I referred my co-residents already!"

"I wish I knew about this earlier!!"