Why DermQBank?

Introduction: DermQBank is the largest and most detailed dermatology board certification exam preparatory website. DermQBank provides high quality images, kodachromes, tables, graphs, and pictures. The answer explanations are expansive. Every question contains multiple take home points that are not only board-worthy, but will help prepare you for practice. 

Experience: All of our questions are created by recently board-certified dermatologists who are very familiar with the dermatology board certification exam. One of the reasons behind the creation of DermQBank was the feeling that the majority of current dermatology test-prep books and websites contain old unreliable material created by individuals who passed the exam 20-30 years ago. These test prep questions were either too esoteric or too easy. We feel we have created a good balance.

Most "Test-Like": All of the questions in our test bank cover highly testable material. No one knows exactly what questions will appear on the exam nor do we even try to guess. Under no circumstances do we ever use or condone the use of copyrighted material. Due to the comprehensive nature of DermQBank, it is inevitable that some of the material covered by DermQBank may also be covered on your board exam. Questions are continually added, edited, or removed based on our advisory panels recommendations and on the feedback from our users.

Similar in Format to Exam: Our test engine simulates the real dermatology board certification exam. With its timer and testing format, you will be prepared for not only the exam format, but can perfect your timing as well.  

Comprehensive: We've looked around, and to our knowledge, we have the most extensive pool of high-yield quality dermatology questions, period! If you are aware of another resource with more comprehensive and/or detailed questions, please let us know.

Value: Our site has a huge pool of questions for a price that is frequently 50% cheaper than the next-best site. We hope you will enjoy DermQBank as either a stand alone study aid or as a supplement to other preparatory materials.

Always Evolving: Unlike textbooks or some websites mired in advertisements and bureaucracy, our testing engine and question bank is solely focused on the dermatologist and the dermatology trainee. The ultimate goal of this website is to improve patient care. We are constantly expanding the website every single day! We take your feedback seriously and will implement your recommendations in a timely manner.

Privacy Guaranteed: We value your privacy and will never share your test results with any third-party entity (e.g. your professors, other trainees, prospective employers). Your performance on the tests you take are your own business!*

*Caveat: If your residency program is paying for your subscription, then your Program Director may be allowed access to your performance.

Truly Comparative: Only DermQBank can give you a historical performance of how you are doing compared to other trainees or practicing dermatologists. We feel that this information is important to include so that you know what topics require further study and improvement.